Our company history

Family company JAKA&I d.o.o. was registered in 1992 as a retail store and services. The company started its activities in 1994. In the following years, the company focused on the wholesale of electrical materials and lighting. In 1997, we open our first retail store in the city center of Kocevje. At this time the company employed 4 people. Due to increased work and expansion of the business the company builds and opened a large warehouse that is still in use.

In the year 2000, the company focused on assembling production and wholesale of all kinds of lighting. In the following years, the company has been employing more and more people and moved to a new location due to the expansion need in 2005. A new retail store and business premises with offices were built in a new place in Podjetnisko naselje Kocevje 6. The company has already employed 9 people.
25 years of experience and growth

In all these years we grew from an unrecognized small company to a serious and high-quality business partner who shapes the quality of the lighting market. In recent years our strategic business focus on its own brand professional lighting line. We successfully perform on the entire Slovenian market as well as abroad.

Why choose JAKA&I?

1. Because we are fast and flexible. Our items can be manufactured/assembled within a day or two. We provide quick delivery.
2. Our luminaries are always in step with time and therefore offer you a complete range of modern LED lights,
3. We place great emphasis on quality communication, for all major projects we offer personal presentations at your location or in our business premises,
4. Because we build and repair lamps of our brand ourselves, we provide you with quick supplies, solutions to complaints or repair of lamps,
5. For all of our products, we offer you 100 % technical support. From purchase to installation,
6. All the big orders we deliver with our own vehicles in an extremely short time. From one to two days. We offer delivery throughout Slovenia, as well as abroad.