Quality, reliability and good cooperation are the foundations on which we build our business relationships. We want to offer you a wide range of products, therefore we collaborate with various suppliers who ofer different products and so we cover the entire field of electrical installation materials and lighting.

We represent the following companies:


Lunatone is a company with expertise and passion for advanced technologies and innovative systems in the fields of information technology.



A manufacturer of luminaires with endless shapes incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology.

Karizma Luce

A Dutch manufacturer of professional architectural LED lighting.


A Greek company that has been providing a professional approach since 1954.


Family-owned company that has over 40 years of tradition in production and sale of lighting


Handcrafted premium-class lighting fixtures made in Italy.

VK leading lights

A growing company that has been dealing with lighting and electrical materials for 40 years.


An innovative company that has been on the market since 1993.


BOMMA creates a unique atmosphere indoors with its handmade sculptural lighting, boasting form and color. Their lights capture attention and blend the spirit of courage and innovation in lighting design.


A Polish manufacturer specialized in high-quality professional LED lighting.



A family-owned company with over 45 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality luminaires.


The manufacturer offers a wide range of hexagonal lights in various dimensions.


Light4u, based in the Netherlands, has been providing lighting solutions for retail outlets, showrooms, and hospitality since 2004.

KOHL Lighting

Large selection of LED panels for home and professional use. All KOHL products are of high quality and have a 2 to 5 year warranty.

CANDELLUX lighting

An innovative company with which we have been collaborating for over 10 years.



The leading global manufacturer of LED power supplies and control technology.


DEKO-LIGHT is a company that has developed into a medium-sized company with its own lighting line in 20 years of operation.

Zaho Lighting

Zaho Lighting emerged from a passion for light and its impact on the quality of life.


A company that persistently develops modern lighting solutions in the form of quality innovative products.

BPM Lighting

BPM Lighting is a company that specializes in high-quality architectural lighting



Intelight is a growing manufacturer of lights. It originally operated as a manufacturer of emergency and evacuation lighting, and supplemented its offer with office, industrial and other products.


A company that deals with lighting with interior lighting for furnishing apartments.

KGP Electronics GmbH

KGP Electronics GmbH is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of lighting. They develop and produce LED light modules and all types of LED power supplies with a 5-year warranty.

SCAME Parre Spa

SCAME Parre is a leading company in the field of industrial el. material and charging stations for electric cars. The company was founded in 1963.


ZALUX is a leading company in the production of high quality industrial lights and lighting.


It is a company engaged in the development and production of LED emergency lighting. Their products are distinguished by high quality and long service life.

LIRA lighting sp. z o.o.

LIRA lighting is a recognizable company in the field of architectural lighting and custom-made lights. They are distinguished by careful hand-making, high quality products and the use of advanced materials.

HEP group

High-reliability Electronic Performance - HEP is a company engaged in the development and production of electronic ballasts for all types of lighting. They also produce LED power supplies.